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Chattanooga, TN  

 2015 Daylily Show Winners

Beautiful entrees!

James and Faye Colboch with the beautiful flower arrangements they provided for the show.

All are gorgeous, so difficult to pick winners!
Many thanks to this years organizers for a fantastic Show.
Show Chairman- June Scoggins
Show Co-Chairman Joan Trundle

Best in Show Award
Feather Woman' exhibited by James Mullins

Section 1 - Extra Large
"Cherokee Memories" Keith-R 2012 exhibited by Karen Newman

Section 2 Large
"Oz's Tin Man" Herrington-T,2011 exhibited by Jim Mullins

Section 3 - Small
"One Eye Willie" Herrington-T,2006 Exhibited by Jim Mullins

Section 4 - Miniature
"Lightning Bug" Kroll 1992, exhibited by Delores Clark

Section 5 - Double, Multiform, and Polymerous 
"Ted's Tee Time" Wolff-D, 2011 exhibited by Jane Dixon

Section 6 - Spider
"Journey to Oz" Herrington-K, 2001 exhibited by James Mullins

Section 7 - Unusual Form
"Feather Woman" Roberts-N, 2005, exhibited by James Mullins

Section 8 - Youth
"Sunshine of Mine" Dye-C 2011 Exhibited by Amy Bell

Section 9 - Popularity Poll
"Stolen Treasure" Dougherty 1996. Exhibited by Deloris Clark

Section 10 - Seedling or pre-registered
"Seedling" Steely-K Exhibited by Kirk Steely