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2018 AHS Region 10 Tour Gardens
Libbys Lilies

My love of gardening began in 1998 when I bought my first home.   As I began to see the need for landscaping, my mom gave me my first two daylilies.  It didn’t take long for me to have a backyard full.  

Since 2008, my daylilies have moved with me 3 times.  Lastly making home at our current location in July 2010.  The landscape at the back of our home was basically a drop off.   Many loads of topsoil were brought in to build my daylily gardens and our pool.   My husband spent many hours building retaining walls just so I could enjoy my hobby of collecting daylilies. 

I currently have about 750 varieties of daylilies.  

My favorite three daylilies are located at my mailbox.  These are cultivars named after my girls and a 2017 introduction by Lee Pickles named ‘Libby Hickman’.   My girls, Lauren and Amy, also have their own collections in their respective beds. 
In light of getting more attention on cultivars in our Region 10 popularity poll, you will see them clearly marked for your viewing.

I have the majority of Region 10 hybridized daylilies in two beds against the house.  I also have a bed of daylilies that were named for members of our Tennessee Valley Daylily Society.  You will find an “A” bed that contains flowers that reflect my home state and favorite football team. 


While daylilies make up the better part of my garden, you will also find many hydrangeas, hostas, Mexican sunflowers, coneflowers, Lenten roses, knockout roses, banana trees, and many other container plants.My love of gardening and daylilies is evident as you stroll through my yard.   |

I hope you enjoy your time at my garden.   I’m so pleased to have you here.

The Garden of Roland Butler and Cassandra Cansler

Casandra learned to love gardening from her parents, Ralph and Vera Cansler. Her first daylily memories are of the wild orange variety that grew along the driveway to their house in Illinois.  

Fast forward to the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Her parents had begun growing many varieties of daylilies along the driveway on their farm in North Georgia. 

Casandra moved back to Chattanooga in 1997 after medical school and residency.   Her parents gave her fans of Illini Jackpot , Frans Hals and Fuchsia Dream which survived, and others which succumbed to Roundup!  

A few years later she ordered a collection of 10 reblooming varieties from Springhill Nursery, 8 of which survived. 

Over the next 10 years, Casandra became a consulting rosarian and focused on roses, shrubs and companion plants.    

Roland met Casandra in 2007 while visiting his sister in Chattanooga during a lengthy convalescence from an auto accident.  When Casandra learned of his interest in gardening, she asked him to help prepare the Mills’ Rose Garden in Soddy Daisy for the Tenarky District Regional Convention that September.   As they worked together in the garden, a romance blossomed.

The following summer when the daylilies, Asian and Oriental bulb and water lilies began blooming, Roland “fell in love” again — with the lilies!  They added a few daylilies from The Barn Nursery, mail order.

Summer 2014 they took a side trip to Oakes Daylilies on the way to a vacation in Pigeon Forge.   That fall they ordered 30 plants.  They saw a daylily photo on the internet and inquired of the hybridizer who referred them to Lee Pickles less than 2 miles from their home!   The rest is history.

River Rock Gardens
Welcome to River Rock Gardens in Harrison, Tennessee. 
Featuring Tucker’s Daylilies, Kendra’s Dahlias and Todd’s Hostas & Irises.
If at any time you are viewing flowers in our garden and cannot see a river rock, PLEASE let us know and we will put one there!

Tucker Gaby is 15 years old and started his passion for daylilies after a visit to Possum Hollow Gardens on July 4, 2013. He is currently growing over 600 cultivars and over 200 seedlings from his own hybridizing program. Tucker was accepted as a Historical Garden and Display Garden from the AHS in 2016.

The daylilies for you viewing will be located in a variety of places throughout the subdivision lot.  

As soon as you step off the bus, you will be able to start seeing  daylilies. Be sure to view the 3 Historical  beds, the Biblical-themed bed, the Miniature bed, the Doubles bed, the Ravine bed, the 5 Dollar bed, 3 National Convention beds, and the Main Hybridizing bed. Additionally, there is a “pink” river rock bed that is maintained by Kendra Gaby who is 13 years old.

Although the daylilies take up the majority of the real estate, over 100 hostas will be available for your viewing at the same time.

Sorry to report that it will be too late to view any blooming irises (100+) and too early for most of the dahlias (60+).

Gannaway Garden

George moved into his present home in Horse Creek Farms subdivision in North Chattanooga in 2009.  He and Ginny were married in 2011 and began to develop a daylily garden. 

Initially the rear property line was outlined with cryptomeria and deodar cedar trees as a privacy break.  George initially created some daylily beds in front of the trees.  He had spent a lot of time moving daylilies from his previous home to the new beds.
George has had daylilies in his various yards for over 50 years and has moved most of them as time and effort permitted. 

Through the years he has maintained a hybrid daylily his grandmother purchased for $10 in the 1950’s. 

libbys garden

A few years ago George’s daughter, Ellen thought the daylilies should be more visible to the neighbors passing by.  So a new bed was created along the side of the house with fresh soil and has done very well.

libbys garden
libbys garden

Presently the yard consists of approximately 250 daylily plants in various flowerbeds landscaped with annuals, flowering shrubs and perennials.  While planning daylily gardens, Ginny needed a screened in porch and George decide to build a patio with antique patio stones that are over a 100 years old.  

Ginny has decorated the back and shady side of the house with hostas, ferns and hydrangeas.  The added porch and patio have made a nice place to just sit and admire the beauty of daylilies.