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Garden Tips

Karen and Steve Newman share their five steps for late February and March.

  1. hoe, hoe, hoe winter weeds
  2. arrange place markers
  3. add Milorganite (fertilizer)
  4. add Treflan 5GC(preemergent)
  5. weekly maintenance until blooms arrive

A visit to Delano Daylilies is certainly a treat and if you have not made the short drive northeast of Chattanooga, add it to your list of “thing to do”. Karen and Steve will make you feel so welcome and you will long remember the beauty and labors of love around their home.

Belle Jarrett shares her outside activities.
Layers and layers of newspaper and spreading compost on top to keep the weeds down and fertilize the plants.
A trip to the recycle center could load you up with copies of the Atlanta Constitution’Journal. These are thick and will last longer.

Rick Keith gives away the secret to his garden beauty.
During the cold weather, I rest, rest and get prepared to never rest until this time nest year.
If you visited Rick’s for our picnic last year you know by the way his gardens and home looked, that he must not ever “crawl in a hole like a bear” and rest. His place was so beautiful .

The Gardens of Sunshine Hollow: Dave and Vickie Rhyne
By mulching our beds, fertilizing annually, using weed control measures, manage pests, preventing deer damage and irrigating when plants need water we have increased our winter survival greatly. Spring cleanup includes removal of dead foliage. Look for signs of aphids, apply a granular systemic pesticide, add new mulch and check markers. Keep an eye on the new foliage emerging from your daylilies. –a sucking insect that preys on the new emerging foliage. If the plants yellow, then check for infestation. Check in center of the crown and look for these tiny soft-bodied insects. If present, spray with Malathion or use an insecticidal soap to kill them.
A valuable resource is the Daylily Culture Guide from the Gardens of Sunshine Hollow.

Ruby Sunday of Bethlehem Gardens suggests using warm days to prepare for blooms.
“I rake the leaves, prepare to spread lime, fertilize the areas and put down weed killer and preemergent.”
The history of Bethlehem Gardens certainly is worth a visit to Dalton to see the blooms of Ruby’s gardens and  hosta..


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